The New Regal 38 Surf: World’s Largest Surf Boat

Unrivaled luxury and versatility on the water.

Welcome aboard the Regal 38 Surf, a vessel that stands proudly as the world’s largest surf boat, embodying the perfect synthesis of luxury and versatility on the water. This extraordinary craft is designed to offer an unparalleled experience across a spectrum of activities.

Unmatched Cruising Comfort: Immerse yourself in the lap of luxury as you cruise with family and friends on the expansive deck of the Regal 38 Surf. The carefully designed layout ensures not only spaciousness but also comfort, making every journey a pleasurable outing.

Seamless Entertainment and Culinary Delights: Elevate your on-water gatherings with the Regal 38 Surf’s integrated entertainment features. From the thoughtfully designed cockpit galley, equipped with refrigerators, to the expansive seating areas, this vessel provides the perfect setting for socializing and culinary indulgence.

Exhilarating Wake Surfing Adventures: Experience the thrill of wake surfing like never before. As the world’s largest surf boat, the Regal 38 Surf delivers an exhilarating surfing experience. Feel the rush as you ride the waves, surrounded by the luxury and innovation that define this exceptional vessel.

Overnighting Excellence: Explore the Regal 38 Surf’s versatility as it effortlessly transitions from day cruising to a luxurious overnight retreat. Unwind in the spacious cabin, featuring comfortable beds that promise a restful night at sea. The boat boasts a head with a separate walk-in shower, ensuring you experience the utmost convenience and comfort during your extended adventures on the water. With the Regal 38 Surf, your overnight stays become a seamless blend of relaxation and opulence.

Step into the Regal 38 Surf experience by watching our boat test video, where you can witness firsthand the unmatched features that make this vessel a true masterpiece on the water. Join us in redefining the standard for surf boats – where size, luxury, and adventure converge in the Regal 38 Surf.