The Prop Test: Sharrow MX3 vs. Standard Prop

We pit Sharrow MX3 propellers versus traditional stainless-steel propellers.

You may be intrigued (or familiar) with the odd-looking propellers that look like their blades have been hollowed out, and the tips folded and rounded to nubs. These would be the MX propellers from Sharrow Marine.

To find out how they stacked up, we pit a pair of Sharrow MX3 propellers against comparable-size traditional stainless-steel propellers. To ensure we delivered a true side by side comparison, Boating executive editor, Pete McDonald, tested both sets of propellers in the exact same conditions (same fuel load, crew weight, current speed, etc.) on the Robalo R302 with twin Yamaha F300 outboards. Here’s what we found out.

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