2020 Moomba Kaiyen

The Kaiyen brings versatile watersports fun to a wide range of users at an affordable price.

Built in the same vein as its bigger sister, the Makai, the Kaiyen is designed to bring versatile watersports fun to a range of users at an affordable price. At 21 feet, 5 inches, the Kaiyen offers room for a crew of 15, while delivering solid wakes and waves thanks to 3,700 pounds of ballast and onboard systems such as Autowake and the optional Flow 3.0 Surf tabs.

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Moomba Kaiyen running shot
The Kaiyen delivers solid wakes and waves thanks to 3,700 pounds of ballast and onboard systems. Garrett Cortese

The smaller size of the Kaiyen has several big advantages, especially for those boaters who don’t need something larger. Towing and stowing are easier, especially when optioned with the Roswell Pro tower, which, when lowered, allows the Kaiyen to fit through an 8-foot garage door.

Moomba Kaiyen helm
The helm offers a mix of analog and digital controls. Garrett Cortese

Fuel economy is better, and handling—especially in tight docking situations—is not as nerve-racking.

While the Kaiyen is smaller, it still delivers fun, capable wakes and waves, great for beginners and even some more serious riders. The wakes present a great shape that you can customize with the transom-mounted wake plate, while the wave offers ample push, even for bigger riders. Add more friends (or ballast) to the Kaiyen and the wave only grows.


The 350 hp Indmar Raptor offers plenty of punch in this smaller boat, making it a fun driving experience all around, whether wakesurfing or cruising across the lake.

Moomba Kaiyen bow seating
Bow seating is comfortable and well-appointed. Garrett Cortese

The helm offers a mix of analog and digital controls, highlighted by the 7-inch touchscreen display with menus for ballast, Autowake, speed control and more. Four presets keep things easy to use for riders and the captain—choose your preferred “amplitude” for the wake, and the boat will do the rest.

Toggle levers behind the tilt-adjustable steering wheel allow for on-the-fly adjustments to the Kaiyen’s speed and wake-plate settings.

Moomba Kaiyen cockpit
The Kaiyen offers room for a crew of 15. Garrett Cortese

A Fusion head unit, connected to an upgraded Wet Sounds speaker system, keeps the entertainment factor lively—both on board and for riders behind.

Controls also are placed at the swim step, so tunes can be adjusted while everybody is swimming and enjoying the big lifestyle that the Kaiyen offers up in its smaller package.

High Points

⋅Four rider presets make setting up the Kaiyen’s wakes and waves easy for all.


⋅Wireless phone-charging pad on the dash is a big plus.

⋅Roswell Pro Tower (optional) is equipped with surf tow points on either side.

Moomba Kaiyen performance data
Moomba Kaiyen Certified Test Results Boating Magazine


LOA: 21′5″

Beam: 8′6″

Draft: 2′3.5″

Ballast: 3,700 lb.

Dry Weight: 4,500 lb.

Seat/Weight Capacity: 15/2,100 lb.

Fuel Capacity: 45 gal.

Price: $75,460 (starting)

How We Tested

Engine: 350 hp Indmar Raptor

Drive/Prop: V-drive/OJ 15.5″ x 16.5″

Gear Ratio: 1.76:1

Fuel Load: 41 gal.

Crew Weight: 310 lb.

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