2021 Centurion Ri245

The Ri245 is packed full of features and technology for producing world-class waves.

December 3, 2020

For 2021, Centurion released two all-new boats. The Ri245 is the sibling to the Ri265, but it packs all the same features and technology as the new flagship model in a slightly smaller frame.

Centurion Ri245 running on the lake
The Ri245 produces clean and consistent wakes and waves. Garrett Cortese

The Ri245 is new from the bottom up, separating it from the pre-existing Ri models (the 237 and 257). The running surface is redesigned but still built upon Centurion’s acclaimed Opti-V hull, featuring 20 degrees of deadrise that not only helps it displace more water for bigger wakes and waves, but also improves the ride in choppy waters. To complement the running-surface tweaks, Centurion also updated the transom-mounted surf-wave systems—the QuickSurf Pro tabs and Stinger Wake Plate—to further improve the wakes and waves for all types of riders.

Centurion Ri245 bow seating
With room for 16, there’s plush seating for everyone. Garrett Cortese

The Ri245 interior boasts an all-new finished design with enhanced stitching patterns, billet-aluminum accents throughout, and LED-lighted Centurion badges that can be adjusted via the touchscreens at the helm. While there is room for 16 on board, the Ri245 also boasts a whopping 5,650 pounds of ballast, which ensures a lot of water displacement for shaping up clean and consistent wakes and waves. The waves are world-class, but thanks to the multitude of adjustments that can be made via the surf systems, they can be customized to accommodate any riding level.


The Roswell Drop Zone power tower is standard with the Ri245 and can be outfitted with the Wet Sounds Warrior speaker package, where each tower enclosure houses two Rev 10 speakers and one 8-inch mid. Zone control allows for audio levels to be customized in the boat, ensuring everybody on board enjoys the tunes.

Centurion Ri245 helm
At the helm, the captain is treated to dual 12-inch touchscreens. Garrett Cortese

At the helm, the captain is treated to dual 12-inch touchscreens, which are easy to read in any lighting condition and intuitive to use. Ballast, speed control, surf settings, media and more are all easily accessed from the screen on the right, while the left highlights speed, rpm and other vitals. What we were especially impressed with is the system’s integrated fuel-flow data. Captains can now easily monitor how much fuel they’re burning and get range estimates—a great tool when you’re out for extended periods or on larger bodies of water.

Centurion Ri245 cockpit seating
Customizable seating allows several passengers to comfortably face backward. Garrett Cortese

High Points

  • QuickLaunch gets the Ri245 on plane with minimal bow rise, even under a full load.
  • Custom matching cooler fits in a storage compartment in the cabin floor.
  • Customizable seating allows several passengers to comfortably face backward.
Centurion Ri245 performance data chart
Centurion Ri245 Certified Test Results Boating Magazine


LOA: 24′6″


Beam: 8′6″

Draft: 3′0″

Dry Weight: 5,700 lb.


Ballast: 5,650 lb.

Seat/Weight Capacity: 16/2,400 lb.

Fuel Capacity: 89 gal.


Price: $225,291 (as tested)

How We Tested

Engine: GM Marine ZZ6 450 hp

Drive/Prop: V-drive/Acme 2829 16″ x 15″

Gear Ratio: 1.72:1

Fuel Load: 89 gal.

Crew Weight: 555 lb.

More Information

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