2021 Everglades 455cc

The 455CC proves truly multi-dimensional.
Everglades 455cc offshore
The 455cc offers a host of fishing and comfort features. The 455cc offers a host of fishing and comfort features. Courtesy Everglades Boats

Powered by quad Yamaha outboards—to shrink distances and expand time—and fitted with a Seakeeper 6 gyrostabilizer, which tames roll in rough seas, the Everglades 455CC proves truly multi-dimensional when you consider that it’s also rigged to fish, equipped for luxury, and hosts its owners for comfortable overnights thanks to the king-size berth within the console.

Standard features for this unsinkable 47-foot-2-inch model include cabin amenities such as a galley, a convertible high-low teak table, a stand-up head with shower stall and skylight, air conditioning, a 32-inch flat-screen TV and more.

Topside coolness includes a patented hydraulic sliding windshield, room for two 22-inch multifunction displays at the helm, a fiberglass hardtop, an electrically actuated table for bow seating, plus livewells, rod and tackle stowage, and a host of other fishing and comfort features.


With its variable-deadrise deep-V hull and patented closed-molded RAMCAP construction, the 455CC will instill confidence.

Everglades 455cc
Bow seating is plush. Courtesy Everglades Boats


The rise of the mega-center-console has been one of the most eye-popping trends in boating over the last 10 years. Just the sight of one of these long, lean and ornately outfitted machines adorned with multiple truck-size outboards is enough to make you stop in your tracks. Yet even among these bluewater beasts, the Everglades 455cc stands out. Whether you’re a serious angler or a super-social partygoer, this boat has the goods to deliver.


Let’s start with the ride. One thing I noted during sea trials was how effortlessly the 455cc climbed onto plane, with no loss of visibility at the helm. Many mega-consoles I’ve tested tend to squat climbing out of the hole, including the previous version of this boat, the old 435cc. Everglades tweaked its weight distribution and design to combat this problem, and the 455cc took off like a much smaller, lighter boat. The power source has something to do with it. Yamaha designed its 425 hp XTO outboards for applications just like this, and the quad setup pushed this boat to near-60 mph at top-end, which is damn impressive for a 28,000-pound boat. During our sea trial, we experimented with only three of the Yamahas fired up, and the 455cc still managed to climb onto plane in about 5 seconds and record a top speed of 47.5 mph. Even with just two engines, we were able to plane the boat in about 15 seconds and run at 23.3 mph. With full power, handling was superb. We could carve elegant turns and crank the wheel hard-over at 30 mph with no slippage or jerkiness—smooth as silk.


With its RAMCAP close-molded and foam-filled construction (aka its unsinkable Bob Dougherty heritage), the 455cc is an absolute tank. We noticed waves while running through a light bay chop about as much as an elephant would notice a gnat. No matter how much of a sea state we tried to manufacture by running in tight circles, we could not get the boat to register a shutter or rattle. It just felt like a boat that would be home in the Gulf Stream.

Everglades 455cc helm
The dash allows for three flush-mounted 22-inch electronics displays. Courtesy Everglades Boats

Interior and Accessories

If your first mission is fishing, please take note of the obscene number of rod holders on the boat—40 all told. That means you can equip the boat for any situation and always have a rod at the ready nearby. With its high freeboard, single-level deck, and wide passageways on each side of the console, the 455cc is truly a 360-degree fishing boat, easily traversed with a rod in hand from stem to stern. Powder-coated aluminum toe rails keep you secure while fighting a fish along the gunwales, and there’s always a handhold within reach. There are two pressurized circulating 50-gallon livewells with clear acrylic lids that make it easy to check on your bait. Keep your catch in one of several insulated fish boxes—a 75-gallon box and a 40-gallon box in the transom, two 22-gallon boxes in the main cockpit sole, and a 120-gallon one forward of the console. The main cockpit has dive doors to port and starboard that make it easy to bring in fish from each side. The hardtop features a second helm station that is a cinch to access via a ladder aft of the helm seats. A pair of 22-foot -Gemlux outriggers come standard. A standard Seakeeper 6 gyrostabilizer only adds to the boat’s comfort and stability.

For the captain (and the crew), the helm setup is incredible. The dash allows for three flush-mounted 22-inch electronics displays, so everything from navigation and radar to sonar and ship’s systems are all easily viewed. The custom-made Garmin digital switching system makes for seamless transition between functions. Pretty much everything on the boat can be controlled via touchscreen. (Here’s a cool feature: Through the Garmin system, the livewells are programmed to turn off and restart every few minutes to prevent air lock.) The forward helm seating has three independent seats with flip-up bolsters and flip-down armrests, as well as footrests, so that everyone can sit or stand to their liking. Three more independent seats reside just behind. With every seat deployed, the Yacht Certified 455cc can accommodate 27 people.

Everglades 455cc cabin
The cabin is equipped with a galley and an enclosed head with a separate stand-up shower. Courtesy Everglades Boats

With all the creature comforts on board, any long-distance run or overnight expedition would be no sweat. With the aforementioned helm seats, the flip-down transom benches and aft-facing cockpit seats, places to kick back and rest abound. There’s a sun lounge forward of the console, as well as removable cushions and forward-facing backrests in the U-shaped bow area. Belowdecks, the cabin has 6 feet, 10 inches of max headroom and a surprising amount of space to stretch out. There’s a galley and an enclosed head with a separate stand-up shower.

Everglades 455cc cockpit seating
Three independent seats reside just behind the helm seating. Courtesy Everglades Boats

For comparison shopping, it’s worth taking a look at the SeaVee 450z (around $1.3 million for the base boat with quad Mercury Racing 450 outboards), which hit 64.4 mph with the extra horsepower. Additionally, take a look at Valhalla Boatworks’ V-46, which also sells for around $1.3 million for the base boat with quad Mercury Racing 450s, and topped out around 70 mph. The slightly smaller Scout 425 LXF starts at a little over $1.1 million with triple Yamaha XTOs.

Either as a pure fishing boat or a pure pleasure boat, or anything in between, the Everglades 455cc should hold your attention.

Everglades 455cc transom
The transom features a 75-gallon and a 40-gallon fish box. Courtesy Everglades Boats

How We Tested

  • Engines: Quadruple 425 hp Yamaha XTO
  • Drive/Props: Outboard/Yamaha XTO 16 3/8″ x 21″ 3-blade stainless steel
  • Gear Ratio: 1.79:1 Fuel Load: 342 gal. Water Load: 50 gal. Crew Weight: 415 lb.

High Points

  • When transiting the boat from stem to stern, there is always a handhold within reach.
  • Even with only two of the four engines running, the boat could still climb onto plane and reach a top speed of 23.3 mph at 4,500 rpm.
  • Dash at the helm has room for three flush-mounted 22-inch MFD touchscreens.

Low Points

  • To access the ladder to the hardtop tower, you have to step on one of the aft-facing seat cushions, an arrangement Everglades says it will fix in production.
  • Any outboard-powered boat is going to struggle with rod clearance at the transom when compared to working a fish around an inboard battlewagon.

Pricing and Specs

Price: $1.7 million (as tested)
LOA: 45’0″
Beam: 13’3″
Draft: 4’2″
Displacement: 28,000 lb.
Deadrise: 25 degrees
Bridge Clearance: 19’0″
Max Headroom: 6’10”
Fuel Capacity: 683 gal.
Water Capacity: 100 gal.
Max Horsepower: 1,800
Available Power: Yamaha or Mercury outboards to 1,800 hp

Speed, Efficiency, Operation

Everglades 455cc specs
Everglades 455cc Certified Test Results Boating Magazine

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