2021 Reward 17 Sport Runabout

The Reward 17 Sport Runabout serves up sleek looks and spirited performance.
Reward 17 Sport Runabout rendering of the new model
The Reward 17 Sport Runabout handles as good as it looks. Courtesy King Hell Boats

Powered by a water jet and drawing just 11 inches (the draft spec is 10 3/4 inches), the Reward 17 Sport Runabout looks great and tops out at 50 knots (57 mph). It just might be the ideal beach boat.

Power comes from the proven Rotax 1,630 cc (99 cid) ACE engine, a three-cylinder, fuel-injected mill that makes 170 hp. For enhanced reliability in the salt chuck, Reward configured closed-loop engine cooling with raw-water exhaust cooling. The Intelligent Neutral Reverse (iNR) electrically controlled reversing bucket induces neutral and reverse functions and varies engine speed, and fast ratio steering is fitted. These and more add up to a boat that runs and handles as good as this sleek hull looks.

Construction details include the use of vacuum-infused vinylester resin and a cored laminate—processes and products resulting in a light yet stiff and strong structure, and one built with less polluting emissions than more traditional boatbuilding methods.


The price is $65,000. Look for our test coming soon.

Pricing and Specs

Price: $65,000
LOA: 16’7″
Beam: 5’1″
Draft (max): 1’5″
Displacement: 1,400 lb.
Fuel Capacity: 18 gal.

King Hell Boats – Weston, Massachusetts; 978-330-7722;