2021 Supreme ZS232

The ZS232 mixes bold looks with top-notch wakes and waves.

December 3, 2020

Not just Supreme’s flagship model, the ZS232 also rates as its boldest. In fact, it may just be the most unique-looking tow boat on the water. The sheerline tapers where the deck meets the hull, giving the ZS an aggressive look—and also the appearance of a “Z” on the port side and an “S” to starboard, hence the name.

Supreme ZS232 wakesurfing
The ZS232 can create wakes for all levels of riding. Garrett Cortese

Bold looks aside, the ZS232 is built on what Supreme calls its Tapered-V Hull, which tapers toward the transom, allowing the rear to sink into the water easier, thereby displacing more water for better wakes and waves upon which to ride. With eight separate ballast zones that can carry a combined 4,600 pounds, the ZS232 can be loaded down to help create wakes for all levels of riding. The QuickSurf plates mounted to the transom are easily deployed from the touchscreen at the helm and instantly shape the wake into a clean, powerful wave.

Supreme ZS232 bow seating
The bow is great for lounging. Garrett Cortese

Like the boat itself, the helm of the ZS232 is unlike any other tow boat. Analog gauges that display miles per hour and rpm are mounted right of the steering wheel, keeping this critical info easy for the captain to read in a traditional format. Centered above the steering wheel is an easy-to-use 7-inch touchscreen with menus for speed control, ballast, surf settings, media and rider profiles/presets. If you find the magic combination of ballast and surf settings you prefer, you can save them there and access them at any point in the future with just the touch of a button.

Supreme ZS232 cockpit
The ZS232 features comfortable wraparound seating throughout the cabin. Garrett Cortese

With its higher freeboard and deeper seating, the ZS232 features comfortable wraparound seating throughout the cabin, and the boat is rated for 14 passengers. Storage abounds underneath each seat, but we especially like the self-draining storage lockers at the transom, which are great for storing wet life jackets or ropes when you’re done riding so you don’t have to bring them in the boat.

Unweighted, the ZS232 hit a top speed of 39 mph. Above the engine compartment, the ZS232 features the biggest sun pad in the Supreme line, great for lounging when you’re at the sandbar or relaxing in the middle of the lake. For serious surfers on a budget, the ZS232 is a boat you must consider.

Supreme ZS232 tower speakers
Roswell F-Series tower complements the boat’s lines. Garrett Cortese

High Points

  • Unique sheerline gives the ZS232 a distinct, bold look that stands out on the water.
  • Sliding bench seat and pop-in backrests allow passengers to watch the action.
  • Roswell F-Series tower complements the boat’s lines while providing headroom.
Supreme ZS232 performance data chart
Supreme ZS232 Certified Test Results Boating Magazine


LOA: 23′2″


Beam: 8′6″

Draft: 3′0″

Dry Weight: 5,450 lb.


Ballast: 4,600 lb.

Seat/Weight Capacity: 14/1,897 lb.

Fuel Capacity: 81 gal.


Price: $118,588 (as tested)

How We Tested

Engine: GM Marine L96 409 hp

Drive/Prop: V-drive/Acme 2829 16″ x 15″

Gear Ratio: 1.72:1

Fuel Load: 35 gal.

Crew Weight: 555 lb.

More Information

Supreme Boats – Merced, California; 209-384-0255;