2020 Axis Wake Research A20

A compact watersports boat.


The Axis A20 has long been considered one of the more versatile 20-foot watersports boats. For 2020, it offers some serious upgrades that make it even better.


Smaller boats prove easier to tow and store. With its shorter length, the A20 also handles tight docking and launch-ramp situations better. You’ll save at the pump too, both in the A20 and whatever you use to tow it. Equipped with parent company Malibu’s new Monsoon M5 Di engine, our test boat produced gobs of torque while sipping 6.7 gph at an optimal cruising speed of 23 mph.

Axis A20 on the lake
The A20 offers a lot of versatility for its size. Tom King

Thanks to both standard and optional equipment, the A20 can produce a surprisingly solid wakeboard wake and wakesurf wave. Push a couple of buttons, and up to 3,810 pounds of ballast can pump aboard, increasing displacement to shape up wakes. Then engage the optional Power Wedge III, a hydrofoil that can be adjusted to change the shape and characteristics of the wake; at full deployment, it simulates another 1,500 pounds of ballast. For wakesurfing, Malibu’s proprietary Surf Gate tabs are mounted on each side of the transom. These transform the A20′s wake into a surfable wave with plenty of push for riders of all levels. The system allows riders to transfer from one side of the wake to the other.


Interior and Accessories

Inside, the A20 is equipped with soft-touch decking, an added comfort for the 11 crewmembers it can hold. The aft seat of the wraparound configuration slides forward, converting into a rear-facing bench, perfect for watching the action. The bow lounge offers space for two, while Wet Sounds speakers throughout the boat keep all on board entertained.

If you’re looking to get into the V-drive world of big air and endless waves, but don’t want the size of the bigger boats (or the bigger cost and bigger bills), the Axis A20 is a great place to start. Its versatility for its size is top-notch, and it meets many on-water needs and delivers plenty of fun.

How We Tested

  • Engine: Malibu Monsoon M5 Di
  • Drive/Props: V-Drive/OJ 950 15″ x 13″ 4-blade nibral
  • Gear Ratio: 1.50:1 Fuel Load: 42 gal. Crew Weight: 360 lb.

High Points

  • Wake Plus hull is designed to sit deeper in the water at slower speeds, maximizing displacement.
  • Wet Sounds audio package comes with six speakers.
  • AW20 watersports tower elevates the tow point; an optional shock package eases raising and lowering the tower.

Low Point

  • Seating capacity is lower than other similarly sized boats in its class.

Toughest Competitor

If you’re shopping around in the 20-foot market, consider the Moomba Mondo, which holds 13 passengers but is 500 pounds heavier.


Pricing and Specs

Price: $71,995 (with test power)
LOA: 20’0″
Beam: 8’2″
Draft (max): 2’3″
Displacement: 3,500 lb.
Transom Deadrise: NA
Fuel Capacity: 42 gal.
Ballast: 3,810 lb.
Seat/Weight Capacity: 11/1,551 lb.
Max Horsepower: 430
Available Power: Single Malibu Monsoon inboard engine up to 430 hp

Speed, Efficiency, Operation

Axis A20 performance data chart
Axis A20 Certified Test Results Boating Magazine

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