ePropulsion Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries

Affordable, high-performing 48-volt propulsion batteries.

September 17, 2020
ePropulsion batteries with extended range
These new batteries cost less than other similar capacity marine propulsion batteries, yet are said to offer high performance. Courtesy ePropulsion

Electric marine propulsion isn’t on the rise…it’s here. While choosing an electric motor for your boat is an important decision, choosing the batteries that power the motor, or motors, is just as important. Weight, cost—both in terms of purchase cost and longevity—recharge time and more, all affect the performance and satisfaction a boater will derive from the chosen motor. In fact, the availability and accuracy of many of the monitoring functions, such as range, remaining run time and more, are dependent upon which battery is selected.

Now, ePropulsion, introduces the E-Series Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) high-performance batteries for, they claim, the pinnacle of performance in electric boating.

Rating highly affordable, these are designed precisely to complement ePropulsion’s lines of Spirit and Navy electric outboard engines, the E-Series offers boaters unparalleled functionality, while reducing weight and space requirements compared to traditional AGM lead-acid batteries. A key innovation of the ePropulsion product line is that all outboards are built on a 48V platform, allowing for a greater degree of flexibility. While third-party 48V batteries will work with these powerful engines, the E-Series batteries are designed for optimal performance for the entire range of engines, from 3 HP to 9.9 HP. The E-Series provides long life cycles, consistent performance and smart operation for the easiest ownership experience. Connected with ePropulsion outboards and pod drives via a communication cable, ePropulsion motors are able to read all the data from the Battery Management Systems (BMS) and apply the best operation strategy.


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The E-Series LFP batteries are primarily designed to lower the overall cost of electric boating. The chemistry of E-Series batteries is 60% lighter but provides about 50% more usable capacity than AGM lead-acid batteries. As an example, a single 192-pound E175 E-Series battery will provide the same full-throttle run time to an ePropulsion Navy 6.0 6kW 9.9HP electric outboard as a 750-pound AGM battery pack.

In addition, E-Series LFP batteries have a longer life of up to 3,000 cycles, while AGM batteries only reach 300 to 500 cycles. This results in significant replacement cost saving for the E-Series versus lead-acid solutions. If used continuously every day for 8 years, the E-Series will retain more than 80% capacity available. Comparatively, the lead-acid battery has a short life span and for the same usage, will likely need to be replaced every two to three years.”We are excited to provide high-performance E-Series batteries to North American boaters and ePropulsion customers,” said Chris Ponnwitz, ePropulsion spokesperson and marketing specialist, Mack Boring & Parts Company. “Offering an affordable option for powering your electric outboard, the E-Series brings the vast benefits of quiet performance, environmentally responsible propulsion and reliable operation to a wide-range of boaters.”


Available in three models, the E-Series E40, E80, and E175 have a rated voltage of 48V and a lifespan of 3,000 charging cycles. E-Series batteries are tough and corrosion-resistant. Each model can be configured with up to 16 batteries connected in parallel. The E40 has a capacity of 2048 Wh can be charged in 2.5 hours with a 20A charger; weighs 61.7 pounds; and has a width, depth and height of 16.5-inches by 15.4-inches by 8.2-inches, respectively. The 4096 Wh E80 can be charged in 2.5 hours with a 40A charger; weighs 105.8 pounds; and has a width, depth and height of 21.9-inches by 17.3-inches by 8.4-inches, respectively. The 8960 Wh E175 has a 5-hour charge time with a 40A charger; weighs 191.8 pounds; and has a width, depth and height of 19.7-inches by 22.2-inches by 10.9 inches, respectively.

The E-Series E40, E80, and E175 cost $1,199, $1,999 and $3,999, respectively, are IP67 waterproof rated and come with the E-Series LFP battery is a smart system that keeps you informed of operating status. They are covered by a two-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. For more info visit


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