Interview with Intrepid Powerboats Ken Clinton

Intrepid continues to chart its own course with innovative designs.

Intrepid Powerboats is one boatbuilder that’s always charted its own course. It did much to bring stepped hull boats out of the elite arena of racing and into recreational boating. Additionally, Intrepid was first to market with many features that today are offered by many builders. These include the hullside dive door, frameless hull windows and the inclusion of a Sea Keeper gyro stabilizer. Indeed, Boating awarded Intrepid the coveted Boat of the Year Award for its 475 model in 2005. That boat incorporated a bluewater fishing boat’s seaworthiness and ease of maintenance with a cruiser’s amenities and a performance- and efficiency-enhancing stepped hull, presaging, by more than a decade, the current trend of large, luxurious outboard-powered boats.

Today, Intrepid is still leading the way, having revamped its entire line-up and debuting two new models—the 409 Valor and the 438 Evolution. To find out more about these new boats, the new innovation Intrepid has in store, and how Intrepid is servicing customers during this time of social distancing, we caught up with company President, Ken Clinton.