Mercury Racing 600HP CNC Cleaver Propeller

New propeller is for boats equipped with 502 CID engines.

March 25, 2020
Mercury Racing 600HP CNC propeller
The Mercury Racing 600HP CNC propeller is milled from a stainless steel blank rather than cast in shape. Courtesy Mercury Racing

The new 600HP CNC Cleaver sterndrive propeller from Mercury Racing is designed to maximize top-end speed on performance hulls powered by Mercury Racing 520, 525, 540, 565 and 600 SCI when mated to the Bravo XR Sport and Sport Master drives. The five-blade surface-piercing will be produced on the same CNC milling machines used to create Mercury Racing cleaver prop for the M6 and M8 drive outdrives.

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Despite all the current attention outboard power is getting the performance segment the West Coast continues to be a stronghold for lightning-fast sterndrive-powered catamarans and vee bottoms, typically equipped with 502-cubic inch based power plants and capable of a top speed over 95 mph, according to Mercury Racing. The new prop have been demonstrated on a DCB F29 equipped with twin Mercury Racing 525 engines, and an Outerlimits SV29 equipped with a single Mercury Racing 600 Sci engine. In both applications Mercury Racing reports significant improvements in mid-range acceleration and top speed gains of 5 mph above standard cast propellers.

DBC F29 powered by Mercury Racing
The new Mercury Racing 600HP CNC prop is designed for sterndrive-powered boats like this DBC F29. Courtesy Mercury Racing

All 600HP-Rated CNC Cleavers are to be custom ordered through Mercury Racing Sales via a registered Mercury dealer. Available dimensions are 14.75- to 15.50-inch diameter, 26 to 40 pitch, 15- and 18-degree rake. MSRP is $6,058. Every CNC propeller is delivered in a Mercury Racing Propeller Case. For more information, visit Mercury Racing.


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