Mercury Racing HD Steering Pump

A more-responsive steering system for high-speed cats and other high-performance applications.

Components of the new Mercury Racing HD Steering Pump kit.Courtesy Mercury Racing

Mercury Racing says its new HD power steering pump and Mercury Racing High Flow Helm deliver a new level of high-performance steering for boats powered by multiple outboard motors, including the Mercury Racing 450R outboard. The introduction of the HD pump allows high-performance boat builders to assemble a complete, validated steering system for almost any application using components from Mercury Racing.

The HD power steering pump delivers 1,800 psi of pressure and a flow rate of 7.5 liters per minute, capacity designed to address the demands of high-speed, dual-engine catamarans executing extreme maneuvers. The new 80cc High Flow helm reduces lock-to-lock steering input on dual-engine catamarans for more-responsive handling, and reduces the ratio on boats powered by triple, quad, and more outboards that use more steering cylinders. The HD pump may also be used with Mercury 40cc and 50cc helms, but the 80cc helm requires the HD pump to meet its flow requirement. The increased pressure and flow of the HD pump can also improve the power assist function on boats running multiple non-surfacing engines, including multi-engine pontoons.

The HD steering pump fits in the same mounting space as the Generation B pump, and retrofit hose adapters will be available for use when replacing a Generation B pump with the new HD pump. Mercury Racing steering components are engineered to work as a system, and feature quieter operation than competing systems. The Mercury Racing HD steering pump and Mercury Racing High flow Helm are available now through Mercury Racing Sales via a registered Mercury dealer.