2020 Nautique G25 Paragon

This boat excels in build, technology, style, and watersports performance.
Nautique G25 Paragon on the lake
The G25 Paragon is packed full of luxury amenities and throws world-class wakes and waves. Garrett Cortese


At first glance, the G25 Paragon may cause you to stare. With its striking mix of three dimensional facets, a linear light array at the bow and a futuristic telescoping tower, the Paragon looks unlike any other boat. This G25 is brand-new from the bottom up, with a specially designed running surface and creature comforts never before seen in a watersports V-drive.

Interior and Accessories

With seating for 19, there is room for everybody aboard the G25 Paragon. Stowage abounds underneath each seat, behind the passenger console, and in hatches beside the engine. Each compartment is lined with SeaDek. The Roswell Triton board racks use telescoping arms to secure boards vertically, and there is additional board stowage atop the oversize Bimini. Thanks to the G25’s high freeboard, interior seating proves deep and comfortable—great for socializing, while also customizable for watching the on-water action. The spacious bow features ample room for two adults, and it’s as comfortable to sit facing forward as it is aft. For ease of entry, Nautique lined the backside of the bow filler cushions with SeaDek. Flip them over for boarding and no one needs to step on the luxurious upholstery. The floor of the cabin features a built-in cooler, big enough to hold a portable cooler or enough ice for a weekend’s riding.

Nautique G25 Paragon helm
You can navigate all functions using the touchscreens or via the Command Dial . Garrett Cortese

At the helm, the captain is treated to a high-back, race-inspired seat that I found great for driving in the bolster-up position. An all-new dual-touchscreen dash setup offers bright, easy-to-read displays that put on a performance of their own. Press the Paragon’s start button and watch the dash come to life as light travels up the dash and into each display. You can navigate all functions using the touchscreens or via the Command Dial adjacent to the throttle, which features hot keys for the main menu pages. I found the system intuitive to use. GoPro integration allows you to attach your camera to dedicated positions at the transom and control it from the helm.


In G25 models of the past, fine-tuning the wakes and waves was harder to grasp, so Nautique made sure to make the process simpler with the new Linc Panoray displays, utilizing new rider-specific presets and intuitive diagrams. Select a mode, and a picture of the wake appears, and you can watch as its shape changes as you choose the desired shape and size, thanks to how the Paragon automatically adjusts the NCRS transom tab and the NSS surf plates. With 2,200 pounds of subfloor ballast, you can deliver advanced levels even with a small crew on board. Add in your family and friends, or some additional ballast, and the G25 Paragon reaches world-class status. Much of this is thanks to a redesigned running surface that affects water flow not only along the bottom of the hull, but also along the sides from midship to the transom.

Nautique G25 Paragon bow seating
There is room for everybody aboard the G25 Paragon. Garrett Cortese

At the transom, cascading steps lead to the swim step. Lounge seats flank each side of the walk-through, and are great for relaxing when beached or at anchor. Flip up the nearby hatches to create backrests, making the seats more like on-water La-Z-Boy recliners. Beneath the bottom step is an integrated cooler, obviating the need to go back into the boat to grab a drink.

The G25 Paragon’s showstopper is undoubtedly the telescoping tower, created by Roswell. A marvel of engineering, the tower actually provides more shade, or protection from a rain shower. When lowered, the Paragon takes on a stealthy look, unlike anything on the water. At full height, there is plenty of room for walking underneath the Bimini, with little worry of bumping your head on the 8.8-inch JL Audio tower speakers that feature custom enclosures and downlighting.

Nautique G25 Paragon tower
Equipped with the ultimate in tech and luxury—including the industry’s only telescoping tower—this wake-making behemoth drops jaws both on board and off. Garrett Cortese

Those speakers pump out music via the customized audio package created exclusively for the Paragon by JL Audio. It is truly incredible. Add in the optional Wakesub technology, and you get two more 12-inch subwoofers into custom enclosures at the transom that are ported both toward the walk-through and out over the water. This delivers audio in the boat and the wake in ways I’ve never before experienced.


Powering the G25 Paragon in our test was PCM’s all-new ZZ8, a 6.2-liter direct-injected V-8 sporting 600 hp and 608 foot-pounds of torque. Even under a full load, the Paragon planes easily (and with minimal bow rise), thanks to plane-assist technology that utilizes the NCRS plate. For a 25-footer, the G25 Paragon handles well, even in sharp turns. Nautique’s integrated stern thruster makes maneuvering in tight spaces a breeze. It can be utilized manually via the dash, or put into auto mode, where you turn the steering wheel to increase or decrease thrust one way or the other. Cool.

When shopping, compare it with Malibu’s M240 ($245,000 starting price). Although a foot shorter with less capacity, it also offers world-class riding experiences on board and on the water.


More than just chock full of bells and whistles, the G25 Paragon is designed and built to the highest standards, with amenities many might have never considered when starting a search for a new boat. Naturally, such a preeminent boat commands a premium price—the heftiest in the market—but it’s easy to see why Nautique’s Paragon has been in high-demand since its debut.

How We Tested

  • Engine: 600 hp PCM 6.2L
  • Drive/Prop: V-drive/Acme 18″ x 13.5″ 4-blade
  • Gear Ratio: 1.50:1 Fuel Load: 65 gal. Crew Weight: 400 lb.

High Points

  • Dialing in the wakes and waves is easier and more intuitive than ever before.
  • New app compatible with Garmin watches allows the rider to control surf settings, ballast shift and the music.
  • Safety cam is built into the top navigation light, providing the captain with a clear view around the back of the boat on the dash.

Low Points

  • Pass-through windshield is not operable when the tower is all the way down.
  • Price might induce sticker shock, but the Paragon is equipped with luxury and amenities unlike any other.

Pricing and Specs

Price: $280,950 (starting)
LOA: 25’0″
Beam: 8’6″
Draft: 2’8″
Displacement: 7,400 lb.
Ballast: 2,200 lb.
Seat/Weight Capacity: 19/2,800 lb.
Transom Deadrise: N/A
Max Horsepower: 600
Available Power: PCM ZZ8 V-drive

Speed, Efficiency, Operation

Nautique G25 Paragon performance data
Nautique G25 Paragon Certified Test Results Boating Magazine

Nautique Boats – Orlando, Florida; 407-855-4141;


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