Scania DI13 Diesel

Swedish engine-builder Scania introduces a new 700/900 hp inline-six-cylinder turbo diesel to North American boaters.
Scania diesels are lightweight and efficient
The DI13 offers rapid delivery of torque for quick ­acceleration. Courtesy Scania

Scania might not be the first name that comes to mind when you think of marine diesels. But that could well change thanks to a powerful, lightweight and efficient new model showcased in a twin-inboard installation powering the new 46-foot Billfish from Viking Yacht Company.

Swedish-based Scania—one of the world’s leading manufacturers of engines for trucks, buses, industrial applications and boats—introduced the DI13 marine diesel to North America earlier this year. That prompted one of the United States distributors for Scania North America, Mack Boring & Parts Co., to put a pair of the 900 hp versions of the DI13 in its new Viking 46BF company boat. Mack Boring christened it Mack 900.

After testing, Viking seems delighted with the Swedish diesels. “We’re very impressed with the performance of the Scania engines during our sea trials,” says Anthony Scola, international sales manager for Viking Yacht Company. “Their light weight, power and fuel efficiency are immediately apparent.”


Available in 700 and 900 hp models, the 12.7-liter displacement engine features an inline-six-cylinder turbocharged design with the Scania XPI common-rail extra-high-pressure injection system that provides continuous adjustments for optimal fuel efficiency. This enables rapid delivery of torque for quick acceleration while also minimizing noise levels.

Meeting the Environmental Protection Agency’s Tier 3 emissions regulations for diesel engines, the DI13 is built on a compacted graphite iron block for strength and weight reduction. It employs a simple wastegate turbocharger. This generates exceptional performance without the need for additional turbos or superchargers that add weight.

Scania DI13 diesel inboard
The Scania DI13 inline-six is lighter than many comparable diesel inboards. Courtesy Scania

As a point of comparison, the Scania DI13 weighs 2,833 pounds. That’s 21 percent less than the 3,600-pound Caterpillar C12.9 Tier 3 turbo diesel, available in 850 and 1,000 hp versions. It is also 18 percent lighter than the 3,349-pound Volvo Penta D13 Tier 3 turbo diesel that comes in four iterations from 700 to 1,000 hp.


In test results of the twin DI13s supplied by Mack Boring, the 43,134-pound 46BF topped out at 47.7 mph at 2,300 rpm, where the 900 hp engines burned 43 gph, for 1.1 mpg. The most efficient cruising speed was 32.2 mph at 1,700 rpm with the twin DI13s burning 22 gph for 1.46 mpg.

“Everyone who has run the boat has commented on its acceleration, speed, responsiveness and quietness,” says Patrick McGovern, president of Mack Boring & Parts Co.

You can’t really commit to a marine engine purchase without seriously considering the service aspect. This engine brand answers that with its Smart Support by Scania, which the company describes as “an intelligent, intuitive and predictive system designed to provide superior support and service for every Scania customer in North America.”


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Scania has technical support located across the country for maximum coverage and fast response. There is also Scania Assistance available 24/7, allowing customers to locate the closest technical assistance with one call. Assistance is available through the entire repair cycle, with a Scania representative monitoring all aspects of locating parts, expediting repairs and minimizing downtime. There’s also a Scania USA dealer locator app for smart devices.

The DI13 carries two years of full warranty coverage, with four years of extended product support available. To learn more, visit