Yamaha’s Upgraded VMax SHO Outboards Boast More Charging Capacity and New Style Lines

The 4.2-liter high-performance V-6s also feature new trim and tilt functionality.

March 23, 2021
Yamaha VMax SHO outboards with new styling and better charging
Yamaha Marine’s newly upgraded 4.2-liter VMax SHO V-6 outboards offer 70 amps of battery-charging capacity and wild new styling in 200, 225 and 250 hp versions. Courtesy Yamaha Marine

Yamaha Marine’s revamped 4.2-liter VMax SHO outboards produce 40 percent more battery-charging power and sport new styling that clearly distinguishes these high-performance from the rest of the line.

This vaunted line of V-6s, one of the first to prove that four-stroke technology could replace two-strokes in the high-performance bass-boat market, now boast 70 amps of battery-charging capability, up from 50 amps on previous SHOs. That extra juice delivers more electrical power for today’s boats equipped with a growing number marine electronics.

The new motors come in 200, 225 or 250 hp versions, and with select models available with 25-inch shafts for saltwater and walleye boats with deeper transoms. Yamaha also offers an optional isolator lead to better charge house or trolling batteries.


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In addition, Yamaha’s new SHO models feature TotalTilt functionality, which makes it easier for trailering or trimming the outboard up in shallow situations. With a double tap of the trim button, the outboard will tilt from current position to full up (or to the tilt-limit setting, whichever is lowest). In addition, a double tap of the down toggle will trim the engine all the way down. A simple push of the tilt button can a stop movement anywhere in between.

The newly upgraded 4.2-liter V MAX SHO retains mechanical throttle and shift controls and uses hydraulic steering (no electric steering) for high-performance applications. It will also easily adapt to cable-driven foot-pedal applications popular in the bass-boat market. Yamaha’s new V MAX SHO is scheduled to be available in May. To learn more, visit


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