GOST Satellite Tracking Antenna

Protect your vessel with real-time tracking.

Real-time GPS tracking is just one important feature.Courtesy GOST

The new GOST (Global Ocean Security Technologies) IDP Series antennas enhance marine security, tracking, monitoring and video surveillance systems for boat owners using the Inmarsat Data Pro (IDP) satellite system, which has been fully operational for several years. The antennas’ control interface is managed by the GOST Specter tracking website. You can set geofence monitoring and alerts, and remote arm/disarm functionality, as well as real-time GPS tracking. The interface also retains a 90-day tracking history and text/email alerts.

“We have been exclusively using only Inmarsat geostationary satellite constellations for the last 15 years, as we require true reliability for our customers to track their most prized maritime assets,” says Brian Kane, chief technology officer for GOST. “This is now the third generation of our tracking system and by far the most impressive, with near real-time global reaction to commands. The new IDP Series will give our customers the peace of mind that comes from having the most reliable and user-friendly global tracking systems on the market for years to come.”

Specter allows family and friends to provide support, or to notify authorities if there is a deviation from the float plan. $1,299 for the basic tracking system; gost.com