Nite Ize Radiant 300 Headlamp Tested

A bright light and its waterproof rating make this headlamp perfect for using on a boat.

The Radiant 300 offers a bright light and long battery life.Courtesy Nite Ize

Headlamps have developed a strong following among boaters, particularly DIYers (like me) who need to see and work in the dark reaches of bilge compartments, behind cabin bulkheads and elsewhere while keeping hands free to crimp terminals, secure fasteners and more. I’ve found the Nite Ize Radiant 300 rechargeable headlamp particularly well-suited for this work. It combines powerful LEDs with a micro-USB recharging port, so I’m not chewing through batteries. Independently operated, a dimmable spotlight (300 lumens max) and floodlights (55 lumens max) pump out plenty of bright illumination, and you can tilt the beams 90 degrees downward to focus on the work at hand. The LED array for the floodlight is dual-color; choose white or red—the latter helps preserve night vision. A single charge of the lithium-ion battery will run for up to four hours at the highest setting and 36 hours at the lowest, and it recharges in two hours using the supplied micro-USB charging cable. The Radiant 300 has an IPX4 waterproof rating, so if I drop it in the bilge water, it’ll still work. It’s also impact-resistant to drops of up to 6 feet. An adjustable elastic headband proves comfortable and keeps the 3.2-ounce headlamp secure as I clamber about the boat. Now I won’t start work on the boat or venture out on the water at night without it. Available in blue or green. $49.99;