We Test Hankook Vantra Trailer Tires

A product test of Hankook Vantra trailer tires.

Hankook’s first series of trailer tires, the Vantras deliver outstanding stability.Courtesy Hankook Tire & Technology Co.

Compared to tires on commuter vehicles, boat-trailer tires get far less road time. So, tread wear is minimal. But trailer tires do age, deteriorating from the inside even if not used regularly. They should be replaced at least every five years regardless of wear. When that time came for me, I opted to test four of the new Hankook Vantra ST225/75R15 tires on my boat’s tandem-axle trailer. These radial 10-ply tires boast Load Range E, meaning they can carry a weight of 2,470 pounds per tire. Hankook’s first series of trailer tires, the Vantras have delivered outstanding stability, which counts in spades while towing my boat and trailer, weighing in at around 6,000 pounds, at highway speeds. The zigzag grooves in the tread pattern help shed water in inclement weather and when leaving the launch ramp to enhance traction and braking, and the pattern block ratio of the tread is engineered to carry heavy loads. The stiffer sidewall of these ST (Special Trailer) tires minimizes sidewall flex when making sharp turns. Asymmetric tread grooves help eject stones, and a new rubber compound and steel belting combine to maximize durability. Vantra tires are available in nine sizes, while the Vantra high-load tires are available in three sizes. $76.99 to $189.99 per tire; hankooktire.com