Summer’s Coolest Water Toy – YuJet’s Electric Jet Surfer

This battery-powered, jet-propelled board delivers loads of fun!

July 10, 2020
Ben Greenwood carving turns on the YuJet
Our watersports publisher and former pro wakeboarder, Ben Greenwood, arcs a turn onboard the YuJet. Garrett Cortese

Looking for a new way to have fun on the water this summer? Look no further than the feat of aquatic engineering known as the YuJet. This over-sized surfboard not only packs a jet engine, but it’s powered by interchangeable lithium-ion batteries that run up to 40 minutes and recharge in just two hours. We took a couple for some test rides the other day in Orlando and had an absolute blast. Here are some of the details.

YuJet floating on the lake
The YuJet’s battery pack is easy to swap in and out, so you can have a spare on hand for more fun on the water. Garrett Cortese

The board itself is a CNC-machined foam core to keep the weight down, but features a carbon wrap construction to increase strength. The board and battery combined weigh just 50 pounds, which is easier to handle than it sounds. Should you need to transport the board further than carrying allows, a wheel set can be purchased for easy rolling along a sidewalk, long dock or beach. The top of the board features EVA padding for comfortable gripping with your feet.

Underneath, the jet motor unit is completely removable with just 13 screws, which means should you encounter an issue you can easily remove it and ship it back to YuJet, rather than having to send the entire board. This is just further evidence that YuJet had the customer experience in mind when creating this crazy toy.

Riding the YuJet kneeling
Starting on your knees can help you get a feel for the board and the throttle. Garrett Cortese

To control the board, the team at YuJet developed a wireless, waterproof controller that is easy and intuitive to use. The throttle isn’t too sensitive, and LED lights on the side indicate the battery’s status. Getting up on the board is easier than it looks, as the board is quite stable. I started in a kneeling position to get a feel for the board and the throttle. When I had enough speed, standing up was not as challenging as I expected. With the weight of the battery in the middle and the jet drive in the back, you can ride the YuJet a little farther forward. This will allow the edges to engage better, giving you sharper turns. Like many surfboards, the bottom of the YuJet features four FCSII fin boxes to add the fins of your choice. These would be great for younger or beginner riders who need a little more help with control, but we rode ours finless the whole time. Even without fins, you can really crank into turns and the board holds its edge without slipping out.

Throwing spray on the YuJet
Yes, riding the YuJet is as fun as it looks. Garrett Cortese

Overall we had a blast ripping around on the YuJet boards. Because you’re standing sideways with a compact, wireless remote, he 24-25 MPH top speed feels unlike anything else I’ve experienced on the water. My 70-year-old slalom-skiing father, who has minimal experience riding any kind of “board,” was able to get up first try and rip around the lake. When he was done we were all wondering if he was going to try to buy it then and there. We even took a couple kiddos on board to try it out, and they had a blast riding from their knees with their dads.

Riding YuJet with a child
“Faster, Daddy, faster!” was the theme of this ride. My three-year-old absolutely loved riding the YuJet. Garrett Cortese

While some might scoff at the lack of range compared to a gas-powered alternative, there is something to be said for the convenience of battery power. One, it’s extremely quiet, which makes the experience that much more unique and enjoyable. Two, you don’t have to worry about gas runs, oil changes or anything else that comes with a combustion engine. If you’re into fun on-water toys and unique thrills, The YuJet is something you have to try. Be forewarned though, you may have to get more than one so the family can play together!

Riding fast on the YuJet
Something about the YuJet and retired life on the lake seem to go hand in hand. Garrett Cortese

See more or order yours now at, they are in stock and ready to ship.

YuJet standing up
The YuJet features a CNC-milled foam core with carbon construction for strength and an EVA footing for comfort and grip while riding. Courtesy YuJet


  • Battery powered
  • 24 MPH top speed
  • 16 mile / 40 minute range
  • 50 pounds total weight
  • 4 FCSII fin slots
  • MSRP $9,999

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