On Board With: Bryce Hirschberg, Reality Star and Boater

The winner of Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle lives aboard a Carver 41.

April 29, 2020
Bryce Hircshbergnon his Carver 41
Bryce Hirschberg of Too Hot To Handle lives aboard a Carver 41. Courtesy Bryce Hircshberg

Netflix just completed the run of a reality show titled “Too Hot to Handle,” which brought together a group of very attractive men and women and dared them not to get physical with one another. Bryce Hirschberg held out long enough to be crowned one of the show’s winners. He’s also a lifelong boater who lives aboard a Carver 41. –Pete McDonald

How did you wind up on Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle?

A casting producer from the show contacted me on Instagram actually. They asked if I would be interested in being filmed hanging with beautiful women, to be aired on Netflix. I couldn’t refuse that! I didn’t find out the premise for the show until I arrived and my fellow cast mates told me.


How did it feel to be declared one of the winners of the show?

Being a winner meant a lot to me! I grew so much from the show. Learned so much about myself and became a happier and more confident person when it was over. A little chunk of change wasn’t bad either, but it was the recognition that I treasure the most.

So, you live aboard a Carver 41? For how long?


Yes, I do and I love it! I moved onto the boat as a live-aboard, June 1st, 2013. So, I’m coming up on my seven-year anniversary. It’s the life.

Did you grow up around boats?

My Dad always had boats and loved boats, and I think we owned a little speed boat when I was a small kid. It was actually my Dad’s idea that I get a boat to live on, mostly so he can drive it around! But I’ve always loved boats and being on/in the water. Our family has been on a dozen cruise ships as well. We can’t get enough.


Are you a licensed captain?

I am a licensed captain. For any water craft under 70 ft. I got my license last summer when California instituted a new law requiring one. Before that, my driver’s license did the trick.

Carver 41 at anchor
Bryce has been living on his Carver 41 since June 2013. Courtesy Bryce Hircshberg

Describe your favorite day on the water…


My favorite day on the water is simple. Hot sun, no wind, best friends, cold beverage. That’s what I live for!

What’s next for you? A reality show on a boat?

I’m doing lots. Working on making another movie. My boat is featured in my last film, “Counterfeiters,” now available on various streaming networks for free. Funny enough, my brother, who lives on the boat with me, and I almost made a reality show about the boat life. I guess that option is still in play!


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