Top Portable Grills to Take Boating

Preparing meals on the grill while boating has never been easier.
Portable grill to take on a boat
A portable grill can be a handy piece of equipment whether you’re camping by boat, rafting up at the sandbar or making a quick meal while on the water. Courtesy Unsplash/Andrew Welch

Portable grill design has only gotten better, and the technology from most of the larger units keeps filtering down to their smaller brethren. Improved fireboxes, accurate thermometers, quick-connect fuel lines all make grilling while outdoors fun and easy. Check out some of the features that make these portable grills suited for boaters.

Weber 51010001 Q1200 Liquid Propane Grill

Compact Build

Thanks to the uncomplicated design you can be making meals in minutes. Courtesy Amazon

A portable grill should be easy to operate. Look for large handles and knobs, and a connection system that makes hooking up a propane tank a breeze. You’ll also want a thermometer that’s easy to read, and an electronic ignition that provides matchless starts.

Coleman RoadTrip 285 Portable Stand-Up Propane Grill

Easily Carried

Added features make for a quick trip down the dock. Courtesy Amazon

Wheels and a sturdy handle are added features you might want to consider. Both make it much easier to get the grill to and from the boat. Weight is another factor to consider if you’ll be moving the grill on and off your boat every time you go out.

Coleman Camp Propane Grill/Stove

Numerous Uses

Check multiple boxes with the extras that are included. Courtesy Amazon

In addition to grilling, there may be times you want to boil water or cook something in a pot. If that’s the case, consider a unit that includes both a grill and a stove surface. Many will accommodate pans up to 10 inches in diameter.

Coleman Fold N Go + Propane Grill

Use Everywhere

Easily prepare food just about anywhere. Courtesy Amazon

If it’s likely you’ll only be preparing smaller items, say hamburgers and hot dogs, finding a model with a smaller grilling surface should work just fine. A grill with a surface area around 100 square inches will still cook smaller meals while being ultra-portable.

Char-Broil Grill2Go X200 Portable TRU-Infrared Liquid Propane Gas Grill

Sturdy Construction

Offers a convenient way to cook outdoors. Courtesy Amazon

Be sure to check any hinges or latches and the frame of your prospective grill. Thin metal or cheap plastic might work fine at first, but over time, especially in a marine environment, you’ll wish you had the best hardware available. A cast aluminum firebox should work for most, but you can also check out units made from stainless steel.