Introducing the Refined 2022 Yamaha FX® Series WaveRunner®

Significant enhancements take the Yamaha FX® Series WaveRunner® up more than a few notches.

It’s no secret that the Yamaha FX Series has always stacked up nicely but the watercraft series returns for 2022 with significant enhancements that take it up more than a few notches. Premium factory-installed audio speakers, all-new, full-featured infotainment system (with GPS-ready mapping and new Drive Control functionality), and a number of elements that elevate handling and comfort.

Morgen Burchell highlights all of the features on Yamaha’s flagship of the FX Series, the FX® Limited SVHO®.

For more information on the 2022 Yamaha FX® Series WaveRunner visit: Yamaha WaveRunner FX Series.