Interview With Pro Wakeboarding Champion Meagan Ethell

One of the best women’s pro wakeboarders of all time shares her story.

May 22, 2021
Meagan Ethell catching air behind the boat
Meagan Ethell is a champion wakeboarder. Courtesy MasterCraft Boats

After taking up wakeboarding as a young kid, Meagan Ethell skyrocketed to the highest echelons of the sport. Since turning pro at age 15, she has won several national titles, including the inaugural Body Glove Moxie Pro Women’s Pro Series last year. She is also the face of MasterCraft’s “Let Her Rip” campaign aimed at encouraging women riders. We caught up with her about her illustrious career.

Did you grow up spending time on the water? How did you get into wakeboarding?

I’m originally from Chicago, and we used to go to our lake in Michigan during the summers. I learned how to water ski when I was probably six or seven so I was already familiar with being on the water. There was a wakeboard in our condo, and when I was eight, I asked my dad if I could try it out. That same day we went out and I gave it a try, and I got up my first go! Since then, I’ve been wakeboarding.


How long have you been a professional wakeboarder?

I turned pro when I was 15, so for over eight years now.

What does it take to reach the highest levels of your sport?


It takes having the right mindset and drive for it. I’ve always been a hard worker, and when it comes to wakeboarding, I’ve always given it my all. It seems like working hard, being motivated, and constantly trying to improve my craft has been the perfect recipe for me to be at the level that I’m at.

How often do you practice?

It depends on the time of year and what I have going on. If it’s before a contest and in the height of the season, I would say that I’m out on the water about five days a week. Our sport is very high-intensity, so I also try to give myself time to rest and recover as well.


What kind of boat do you ride behind?

I ride behind my MasterCraft XStar. It’s so rad to live on the lake and have my boat right in my backyard.

Body Glove sponsored the new women’s Moxie Pro Series, which you won. How exciting is this for you as a pro boarder?


Not only is this exciting for me, but for all the female wakeboarders. To be a part of the first-ever all-female event that has boat and cable is huge. This is a big opportunity for the women in our sport and this will also be a big part of paving the way for our future. Thank you to Body Glove for backing this event and for giving us this opportunity to showcase what we do!

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What else do you like to do for fun on the water?

Foiling has been one of my new favorite water activities. It’s so different than anything I’ve ever done on the water. I also love going on the boat with my friends and having an evening surf session.


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