Super Air Nautique G23 Wakesurf Review

Watch what we thought after wakesurfing behind the Super Air Nautique G23!

February 20, 2016



The Super Air Nautique G23 isn’t the biggest in the G series line, but for our money, it had the best shape. Since the recent redesign in which the G23 and G25 were tweaked for surfing, both are outstanding.

This was a close competition, with the G25 unquestionably having a longer wave, but the 23 hit the sweet spot for shape that slightly edged out its bigger brother. The G23 sports a smooth, clean wave that’s about as symmetrical as it gets from side to side. The wave’s characteristics are hard to nail down because it’s so customizable with the Nautique Surf System and the Nautique Configurable Running Surface.


The big breakthrough is putting that customizability in the hands of the surfer with the Surf Select switch or PebbleTM watch. The switch controls your wave from side to side, and the PebbleTM watch with the Surf Select app essentially puts you in the driver’s seat while you’re surfing with rein over Zero Off speed control, wave characteristics, stereo and transfers.

And if just normal transfers weren’t enough, Nautique threw in a lightning transfer button that switches the wave instantly or with a three-second delay, so you can hit the button and casually pump in to hop to the other side.

Inside, the G23 is just as surf-oriented. Subfloor ballast means no bags in compartments, so your gear can fit comfortably anywhere you want to put it. The tower supports a cargo rack with additional surf storage, the racks have a wide fork for surfers, and you get plenty of rear-facing seating.


Top-Notch Trait: Driving the G23 is an absolute pleasure. The Nautique Configurable Running Surface automatically takes away all the drag on starts, and it buries the hull into the water at surf speeds for maximum displacement without wasting fuel. There’s also a new instrument panel with keys and a rotating dial that allows you to adjust many of the popular touch-screen functions without needing to dive into the full interface.

Stat: The redesigned NSS switches three times faster than previous iterations. This improved transfer speed brought about the possibility of the “lightning transfer” button on the PebbleTM watch, which instantly switches your wave when you hit the button.

Length 23’
Beam 102”
Dry Weight 5,900 lb.
Fuel Capacity 65 gal.
Seating Capacity 16
Standard Ballast 2,850 lb.
Max Ballast 2,850 lb.
Standard Power 405 ft-lb.
Maximum Power 545 ft-lb.

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