Supra Boats 2017 Lineup

The 2017 Supra Boat's lineup combines precision engineering with passion for the water.
2017 Supra SR 400-450
2017 Supra SR 400-450 Supra Boats

The Future is Now
The 2017 line of Supra Boats is here. Starting with an all-new model, we would like introduce the 2017 Supra SR 400-450 as the newest wakeboat to perfectly combine our expertise of precision engineering with your passion for the water.

New Website
We have reconstructed every corner of our website for our consumers. We want their experience with Supra to leave a lasting impression on their boat shopping experience. So we have made it easier than ever. Go visit our site and explore, build your dream boat and share with your customers.

Lastly, The Wake you Have Been Waiting For
Finally. You now have control over the uncontrollable. AutoWake is Supra’s new technology that takes the guesswork out of setting up your wake. With the push of a button, AutoWake responds to weight distribution inside the boat and adjusts ballast levels automatically to maintain optimal hull position in the water for precise wakes or surf waves.