Supreme S202

Supreme's S202 offers a top-of-the-line riding experience and a great value.

Supreme S202
LOA: 20'2" | Beam: 7'8" | Dry Weight: 3,450 lb. | Seating/Weight Capacity: 9/Not Available | Fuel Capacity: 43 gal. | More Information: supremetowboats.comSupreme Towboats

Some lakes have imposed length restrictions, and the new Supreme S202 is sized to meet those regulations while still offering a top-of-the-line riding experience and a great value. It’s also one of the first dedicated tow boats built completely through the vacuum-infusion process.

This 20-foot V-drive tow boat gives up nothing in terms of styling. A forward-swept Skylon S5 Tower enhances the boat’s sleek lines; the new wrinkle-coat finish is matched on the exterior air vent and throughout the interior by new grab handles.

There’s seating for nine, and the top-grade upholstery work features brightly colored satin-matte Spradling vinyl sewn with Gore Tenara thread for long-term UV and mildew resistance.

Supreme S202
Supreme S202Supreme Towboats
Supreme S202
Supreme S202Supreme Towboats

With the QuickFill 750-pound ballast system and an available 1,500 pounds of Plug and Play ballast, the S202 can generate outstanding waves and wakes. Opt for QuickSurf to create and fine-tune impressive waves on either side of the boat.

The V-hull design helps cleave choppy water and plow big wakes, while the SmoothTrack tracking fin keeps the boat tracking straight, even as a rider in tow cuts aggressively.

We surfed the S202 with three people aboard, the QuickFill ballast full, port Plug and Play ballast full, starboard Plug and Play at 60 percent and bow tank at 30 percent. QuickSurf was on the default setting.

Supreme S202
Supreme S202Supreme Towboats
Supreme S202
Supreme S202Supreme Towboats

"We were really surprised by the length of the wave since this is a pretty small boat," says tester Emily Dale of Wakeboarding magazine. "It had a really great shape and was clean all the way through." This is a perfect wave for new riders learning to surf, as well as more advanced riders wanting to relax, cruise and carve around, Dale says.

“The QuickFill ballast system combined with QuickSurf makes it easier than ever to get clean and consistent waves,” she adds. “The S202 is a perfect choice for the potential boat buyer looking for a smaller boat with respectable surfing capabilities.”

High Points
* Vacuum-infusion construction helps minimize weight.
* Sized to meet the challenge of boat-length restrictions on certain lakes.
* Wave-building V-hull also smooths out the ride in choppy water.
* Opt for the QuickSurf system to create impressive waves on either side of the boat.

How We Tested
Engine: Crusader 5.7L
Drive/Prop: V-drive/Acme 1235
Gear Ratio: 1.72:1
Fuel Load: 41 gal.
Crew Weight: 410 lb.
Ballast Tanks: Empty

$62,156 (without tax/prep/license)

Supreme Boats Merced, California; 209-384-0255;