Supreme S238 Wakesurf Review

The Supreme S238 delivers a very versatile wave.
Supreme S238
Length: 23’8″ | Beam: 102″ | Fuel Capacity: 63 gal. | Seating Capacity: 16 people | Standard Ballast: 1,100 lb. | Max Ballast: 2,700 lb. | More Information: Supreme Towboats

At last year’s World WakeSurfing Championships, Aaron Witherell took home second in the Surf division and third in the Skim division.

How I Utilize Standard Ballast
I put upgraded rear bags into my boat and fill everything up.

How I Utilize Extra Ballast
I use lead bags because I ­normally have only two people in the boat while riding. I store the bags under the seats to act as if more people were in the boat, with a little extra on the side I’m surfing and in the back.


Custom Settings
Quicksurf tab at 75 percent

Boat Speed
Usually 11.4 mph

Supreme S238
Supreme S238 Supreme Towboats

I Usually Surf
Both sides, but right now I really I enjoy switch because it’s such a challenge for me.


Preferred Board
Exile Aaron Pro carbon skimboard is the best board I have had under my feet.

My Favorite Single Feature On My Boat Is
The adjustable Quicksurf tabs because you can always switch up the wave to ride something different.

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