Techron Protection Plus Marine Fuel System Treatment

Techron Protection Plus Marine Fuel System Treatment offers maximum fuel system protection.

Maximize your corrosion protection in both salt and fresh water.Courtesy Techron

Owners of gasoline-powered boats and personal watercraft will soon have a new option when it comes to protecting and keeping their vessels’ engines running clean and strong. Later this spring, Chevron Products Company, a division of Chevron U.S.A. Inc. will launch its new Techron Protection Plus Marine Fuel System Treatment, an industry leading formulation that is scientifically engineered for the harsh marine environment and the performance needs of boating enthusiasts.

While it stabilizes fuel up to an impressive 24-months, will not contribute to phase separation and provides total fuel system protection for off-season storage, Techron Marine also gives boaters important benefits with every fill up as a continuous-use product. Techron Marine provides maximum corrosion protection in both fresh and saltwater environments, making it an ideal choice for boaters nationwide. It works in boats powered by inboard, outboard and sterndrive gasoline engines, including two-stroke, four-stroke, carbureted, port or electronic fuel injected and direct-injected engines. It can be added to ethanol free gasoline or ethanol blended fuels from E10 to E85.

The advanced cleaning power of Techron Marine restores power and performance and optimizes fuel efficiency by cleaning fuel injectors, carburetors and combustion chambers. It also cleans, removes and prevents intake valve deposits in port fuel injected engines for smoother idling and enhanced throttle response. By removing gum and varnish from the fuel system and preventing it from re-forming, Techron Marine helps minimize cold starting issues, as well.

Techron Marine Fuel System Treatment will be offered in three package sizes — 4 oz., 10 oz. and 1 gallon — to accommodate the needs of pleasure boaters, active cruisers and fishermen. One 10-oz. bottle treats 100 gallons of fuel and will retail for about $12.99. Look for it at your favorite marine store later this spring. Visit to learn more and locate local retailers as they come 'onboard.