Thigh High Surf Series Concludes at Lake Ronix

The grassroots wakesurf contest pulled 50 riders and proved to be a ton of fun
The Thigh High Surf Series was great fun for everyone
Riders of all ages came out to join in on the fun at Lake Ronix. Garrett Cortese

The Thigh High Surf Series – a competitive, grassroots wakesurf series built around fun – concluded its first summer by hosting athletes, families and friends at the famed Lake Ronix. This was the first time any public were allowed onto the brand’s private property and training grounds. As you can imagine, it was very unique and a ton of fun for everybody involved.

Nautique's G23 throwing waves
Young competitors play together in the waves of the Nautique G23 while waiting for their turn to ride. Garrett Cortese

Created by Nautiques of Orlando and the one-and-only Danny Harf, the Thigh High Surf Series aims to bring together the growing community of wakesurfers and give them a platform to compete, hang out, and have fun. With divisions that cover all ages and skill levels, the series saw competitors as young as 2 and as old as 58 over the course of its three stops. The final stop at Lake Ronix had 50 surfers sign up to compete, proving that the wakesurfing community is continuing to grow.

Kids playing in the waterpark
The waterpark was fun for everybody. Garrett Cortese
Playing on the floating playground
The floating playground was a huge hit. Garrett Cortese

With free BBQ provided by the team from Ride Dry. Drive Dry., free airbrushed T-shirts from Roswell and Nautiques of Orlando, and music from Erik Ruck’s band Wood Panel Basement, the vibes on the sandy of beach of Lake Ronix were carefree and easy going. Union Aqua Park – a division of Square One – had one of its floating playgrounds set up to provide fun for kids both small and big. Throughout the day Harf and fellow Ronix pro Jake Pelot pulled the wakesurfers behind the Thigh High Surf Series G23 as DanO-the-ManO called out the play-by-play on his infamous golden mic.

Surfing behind the G23
Smiles were everywhere at the final Thigh High Surf Series, especially on the faces of competitors behind the G23. Garrett Cortese
DanO holding the mic
DanO and his infamous Golden Mic. Garrett Cortese

At the end of the day awards and prizes were given for both the day’s competition and for the overall series winners, but whether they won something big like a 2020 Ronix wakesurf board, or nothing at all, everybody went home happy, along with the ability to say they were amongst the first ever to ride in a contest at Lake Ronix.

Longboarding behind the G23
David Williams brought his longboard and old school moves to Lake Ronix in the Advanced Division. Garrett Cortese
Jon Akerman demoing the G23
Nautique team rider and 2018 Wakesurf World Champ Jon Akerman put on a demo behind the Ride Dry. Drive Dry. G23. Garrett Cortese