Three Reasons To Buy New Marine Speakers

Improve the sound system on your boat with these tips

Most all of us enjoy a soundtrack to our favorite activities, but music-loving boaters face a unique challenge. From component construction to the environment, quality sound isn’t always simple to achieve. Today’s latest components, however, can easily improve your listening experience…and still last for years to come.

Here are three reasons to buy new marine speakers.

Your existing speakers may have seen a lot of abuse.

Skar Audio SK65M
Boat speakers are uniquely challenged by the elements, from end-of-day wash downs to constant exposure to rain and sun. Courtesy Amazon

If you haven’t given your boat’s sound system much thought for the last few years, chances are your speakers are suffering. On many older boats, speakers were not much more than an afterthought. As such, internals were often more automotive than marine grade. As a result, the years of water, wind and UV rays have likely taken their toll.


Today’s construction methods are superior.

Sony XSMP1611
Look for the speaker’s IPX rating. IPX5 indicates the component can resist a sustained, low-pressure water jet spray. Courtesy Amazon

Quality marine speakers today boast impressive construction. Speaker grilles are made from stainless steel or durable UV-resistant plastics. Rather than paper, speaker cones are polypropylene or composite. Copper wiring? It’s tin-plated and marine grade to prevent corrosion, while rubber gaskets routinely protect delicate internal components. Hose everything down after a day in saltwater without fear of damage.

Sound and clarity is much improved.

Rockville Pair 8" Black
Have a watersports tower on your boat? It’s a great location to mount additional speakers for truly great sound. Courtesy Amazon

Boat speakers have a lot to overcome, from the rushing wind to the noise of the engine, even water simply slapping the hull. Modern speakers are now designed to handle these challenges with not only volume, but added clarity.