Three Things To Look For In Wakeboard Bindings

Get the support and comfort you need with these tips.

August 16, 2019

Wakeboard bindings are perhaps the most important part of a board/binding setup as they transfer a rider’s input to the board and offer the comfort and support that gives the wearer the confidence to soar off the wake. Bindings, however, can vary dramatically by price and features. Here are three things to look for to make sure your next wakeboard bindings work for you.

One Size Fits Most vs. One Size Fits YOU

Hyperlite New 2019 Wakeboard Machete with Destroyer Wakeboard Bindings
Beginner wakeboard packages often feature open-toe, lace-up bindings that accommodate multiple foot sizes. Courtesy Amazon

Will you be using this board/binding setup exclusively or will it be shared by other friends and family? The answer determines whether you’ll want a boot/binding setup sized to just you or one designed to accommodate a much broader size range. The latter may be more versatile but keep in mind they will also likely be less supportive.

A Supportive, Shoe-Like Fit For Experienced Riders

Hyperlite 2019 Team X Wakeboard Boots
High-end bindings typically feature multiple closure systems, enabling riders to separately fine tune the fit on both the top of the foot and around the ankle. Courtesy Amazon

Though they may not have the benefit of fitting a wide range of riders, fixed-size bindings will offer the security and foot and ankle support key to taking your riding to the next level. Look for anatomically designed insoles, integrated ankle support, and strong base plates that limit heel and toe lift.


Closure Systems

Hyperlite Destroyer 2019 Wakeboard Bindings
Don’t forget to check out any binding’s liner. The best allow your fit to easily slide in and out without added lubrication and offer a smooth, comfortable surface against your skin. Courtesy Amazon

A binding’s closure system will ultimately determine the final fit and how comfortable it is for you. If possible, try several systems to see what works best. In addition to laces, other options include BOA, a fast, convenient twist on laces that tightens via a ratcheting dial and length of micro cable, Velcro, and snowboard-like setups that feature a separate boot and highback binding with ratcheting straps over ankle and toe.


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