Tigé RZX2 Wakesurf Review

The Tigé RZX2's wave offers a nice transition and also allows for air-based tricks.
Tigé RZX2
Length: 22’| Beam: 102″ | Fuel Capacity: 65 gal. | Seating Capacity: 16 people | Standard Ballast: 2,700 lb. | More Information: Tigé

California Kid
Allison Sos has been climbing the ranks the past few years. She finished third at the 2015 World ­WakeSurfing Championships.

How I Utilize Standard Ballast
While it is nice to be able to weight a boat down evenly and be able to switch sides automatically with the touch of a button, I always like a boat that has a small degree of list better. For instance, I will fill the entire boat to 100 percent and then fill the offside to only maybe 75 to 80 percent (it will usually depend on the amount of people in the boat). I enjoy riding the wave like this better because it gives the wave more push and doesn’t heavily affect the offside wake if I need to switch sides.

How I Utilize Extra Ballast
I usually don’t add any extra ballast, just a boat full of friends.


Custom Settings
I like the wave at about TAPS 4 because it keeps a nice transition and also allows for my air-based tricks.

Boat Speed
Usually 11 to12 mph. The faster you go, the harder the wave is and the ­longer the wave becomes, so it’s all up to ­personal preference.

Tigé RZX2
Tigé RZX2 Tigé

I Usually Surf
Frontside. I like riding the boat a little more slowly when I ride switch so I have a little more push.


Preferred Board
I ride a custom Soulcraft board; you can find my pro model in production, called the SOS Pro.

My Favorite Single Feature On My Boat Is
The interior. It’s a smaller boat, but the lounge area is still massive with the rear-facing seats and all of the storage space it offers. Plus, it looks fantastic.

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