Tips for Viewing 4th of July Fireworks From Your Boat

Use these tips to ensure that you have a great view of the 4th of July fireworks display.
Fireworks at night
Nighttime Fireworks Courtesy Peter Griffin

There’s no better way to view 4th of July fireworks than from the deck of your boat. The view is great, the show is reflected on the water, and you’re boating. Here are five tips for enjoying fireworks by boat in 2022.

1. Check out the Local Notices to Mariners for your area for any special Coast Guard instructions for boaters during the event.

2. Make sure your running and anchor lights are working properly, and that you have all the required safety equipment aboard.


3. Get to your anchorage early, downwind of the show, if possible. Anchored upwind, you may not be able to hear the full sonic power of the fireworks.

4. Don’t let the kids or landlubbers play with flashlights, and don’t use your spotlight to “see if that’s Billy’s boat over there.” Doing so can ruin night vision. Use the VHF or your phone.

5. Take your time leaving the event. Let all the revelers get going before weighing anchor. This avoids a … let’s just say some folks enjoy themselves too much sometimes.


For a list of 4th of July fireworks displays you can view from your boat, click here.

You’ll also find these links useful for rafting up with friends while viewing fireworks by boat.

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