Tow Tube Test: WOW Watersports Big Bubba

The WOW Watersports Big Bubba offers multiple ways to have fun on the water.

This tube will have your crew coming and going with cool, waterborne delight. Pulled from its forward tow point, the Big Bubba’s high back wraps around both sides, where my 4-year-old twin daughters find tight corners to nestle into alongside Mom. (The Big Bubba comes in two-, three- or four-rider models.) The first time I pushed the throttle forward, I half expected frightened faces screaming, “Stop!” Instead, only laughter from beaming smiles overcame the engine’s noise.

Changing to the rear towing point, where the seat back becomes the front, the Big Bubba converts into a bucking chariot for squealing riders. With the throttle down and my outboard’s horses unleashed, older kids could kneel or stand while holding the Big Bubba’s handles at chest or waist height, and the wraparound sides provided corners to lean into for security.

Reconnect to the front and crew can now lie facedown, heads toward the boat, with bent-knee legs resting on the backrest. That makes three ways to play with this tube — four if you count using it as a floating lounge while tied off to the anchored boat.


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Teenagers may find the Big Bubba a bit tame, but my family finds their full measure of fun from forward motion, waves, and this hyper-colorful bag full of excitement. $279.99 (two-person version);


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