Toyo Tires Open Country R/T

A Boat Tow Vehicle Tire Tested

As of this post, I have been running Toyo Open Country R/T tires on my full-size pickup for the last year. That’s 17,000 miles.

Toyo Open Country A/T Tires Side View

I’ve used them in soft beach sand while fishing and surfing; run through the deep snow of a record-breaking New York winter; been hub-deep in mud while hunting; and hauled my boat from the unimproved ramps endemic to my area. My truck is also my daily driver, so the Open Country R/T’s saw plenty of traffic, secondary road and highway time. They delivered better traction in all these conditions than the “LT” rated tires they replaced, which wasn’t a surprise given the deep, aggressive treads.(showing little wear yet to date) But what was surprising is that ride quality and noise levels remained excellent during “ normal” driving. I can recommend them for an outdoorsperson, like myself, who needs some off-road capability to pursue passions, without forgoing too much in the way of “city driving” comforts.

And, for what its worth, I have received positive comments on their aggressive looks at the launch ramp, enroute to the goose pit, and while dropping my kids off at school.


Toyo Open Country R/T tires cost about $330 each, depending upon size, and come with a 45,000-mile tread wear warranty. Contact: or 800-442-8696.

Scroll through the gallery for the how and why of Toyo Open Country R/T’s performance.

Toyo Open Country Square Grooves

Wide Shoulder Grooves

Contributes to excellent off-road traction. Prevents mud and snow buildup.
Toyo Open Country Scalloped Lugs

Scalloped Shoulder Lugs

Improves off-road traction by biting into the ground.
toyo tires cutaway

High Turn-Up, 3-Ply Polyester Casing

Strengthens tire for excellent handling and durability, while maintaining proper load capacity. Increases tread life.
Toyo Open Country A/T Tread

Optimized Pattern Arrangement

Reduces noise for improved driving comfort.
Toyo Open Country A/T Tires

Aggressive Sidewall Designs with Durable Sidewall Compound

Protects against side impacts and has excellent cut resistance. Offers customization with two distinct looks.
Toyo Open Country A/T Tires Mud

Stone and Mud Ejectors

Removes stones and mud from grooves.

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