Unique Riva Super Aquarama Up For Auction

Mecum offers unique Riva Super Aquarama at 2010 Spring Classic Auction in Indianapolis, IN.

Boat aficionados and collectors worldwide will appreciate the rare 1970 Riva Super Aquarama (Lot S117.1) up for bid on Saturday, May 22, at Dana Mecum's 23rd Original Spring Classic Auction in Indianapolis, IN.

This antique wood Riva, hull #393, was specially built for New Yorker Ernst Petschek on May 25, 1970, which was the last year that Carlo Riva owned the Riva Yacht company. Petschek preferred the closed rear deck of the Riva Tritone boats - a predecessor to the Aquarama - so he paid Riva dealer Monaco Boat Service a 5% premium to have this unique Aquarama custom built with a closed rear deck. It is believed to be the only closed rear deck produced of the series.

The Riva Super Aquarama features the original twin Chevrolet 350 HP V8 big block engines that were rebuilt to factory specs and a lobster red vinyl interior. It has extensive documentation that includes copies of the original bill of sale, Petschek's passport and factory paperwork to substantiate the engine numbers. Copies of the Riva Owner's Manual also will be provided.

The Riva Super Aquarama joins more than 1,750 vehicles up for bid at Mecum's annual Spring Classic Auction. For more information, visit .