United States Panga Builders

Inspired by pangas from Central America and around the world, a handful of builders make pangas here in the States. These are a far cry from the stripped-down 1970s versions, however. Many resemble high-end sport-fishing boats rather than the utilitarian little workhorses from which they are descended. U.S. panga builders have stayed faithful to certain design elements — such as the roughly 4:1 length-to-beam ratio and shallow hull — that preserve low running costs and seakindly handling. But they also are providing the increased horsepower, beefy construction and onboard amenities that contemporary American anglers seek. — Heather Steinberger

Allmand Boats, Miami, Florida
A range of models from 20 to 31 feet

Andros Boatworks, Sarasota, Florida
Six models from 18 to 32 feet


Angler Boat Corp., Miami, Florida
Two models, 22 and 26 feet

Panga Marine, Sarasota, Florida
Seven models from 18 to 29 feet

Mojito Boats, Sarasota, Florida
Five modes from 18 to 23 feet


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