Visit A Spring To Get Relief From The Heat

A Family Rides Sea-Doo Watercraft to a Personal Oasis.

Getting out on the water is a great way to beat the heat. In this photo gallery, a young family uses a Sea-Doo Spark 3 Up and a Sea-Doo GTI SE with the new 90-hp engine to grab a cool slice of paradise. It notable, that they neither rode fast or hard, instead using the ease and shallow draft provided by a PWC to enjoy a day the land-bound can only dream about.

The trip was up the Silver River to nostalgic Silver Springs – one of the few ‘First Magnitude’ springs where you can drive a motorized vessel right up to the spring head. Most springs are roped off roughly 400’ from the spring head with boats being able to anchor at the rope and paddle up to the spring head on pool floats, kayak, paddle board or with dive gear.

Easy Trailer of Sea-Doo
Lightweight, easily trailerable boats like PWC make for great spontaneous getwaways Sea-Doo
Quiet Cruising PWC
PWC make great vessels for quietly exploring secluded waterways Sea-Doo
Swimming Hole PWC
A ” low bridge” presents an opportunity, rather than a roadblock for this family of PWC riders Sea-Doo
Boogie aboard PWC
Stable and comfortable Sea-Doo
Crystal Clear water ast Silver Springs
It’s easy to see why they named it, “Silver Springs.” Sea-Doo
Crystal clear water
The water is crystal clear Sea-Doo
Drone view of Sea Doo
A ,” cool,” place to be! Sea-Doo