Volvo Penta Launches New V8-225 Engine

Cleanest engine ever from Volvo Penta, the V8-225 combines fuel economy of a V6 with high altitude power, durability and class leading acceleration.

Volvo Penta introduces today the V8-225, an advanced engine for performance powerboats that offers full power at high altitude, exceptional durability and, best of all, the fuel consumption of a V6 engine.

With eight cylinders and 5.7 liter displacement, the V8-225 delivers torque, power and world class performance across the entire speed range. The engine’s advanced fuel management system produces better fuel mileage, increased reliability and lower emissions by offering sophisticated engine management strategies within a proven fuel and control system design.

“The fuel efficiency of the V8-225 puts this engine in a class by itself,” said Marcia Kull, “Vice President-Marine Sales of Volvo Penta of the Americas. “Combined with Volvo Penta legendary durability and exceptional performance at elevation, this engine is in a class by itself. It’s perfect for fleet owners, high altitude boaters or anyone seeking a rock solid 225 hp performance package.”


The V8-225 is the cleanest engine offered by Volvo Penta, comfortably meeting the most stringent five-star voluntary engine emissions standards set by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). Volvo Penta was able to achieve such low emissions by equipping this engine family with dual three way catalytic converters and heated oxygen sensors, and by optimizing the engine calibration. “CARB try appreciates Volvo Penta’s effor to prove out compliance to cleaner standards and its commitment to improving air quality as evidenced by its introduction of the V8-225,” said Annette Hebert, Chief, Mobile Source Operations Division.

Other features include the Multi Port Fuel Injection system, which is monitored and controlled by an engine computer (ECM) and provides more responsive and smoother acceleration, excellent turn-key starts in all weather conditions, smooth reliable idling and reduced fuel consumption.

Technical Data
Engine designation: V8-225
Propeller shaft power hp (kW): 225 (168)
Max. engine speed, rpm: 4800
Displacement, cu in (l): 350 (5.7)
Number of cylinders: V-8
Fuel system: MPI
Bore/stroke, in: 4.00/3.48, mm: 101.6/88.4
Compression ratio: 9.4:1
Volvo Penta Duoprop drive: DPS
Ratio: 1.95:1, 2.14:1, 2.32:1
Volvo Penta Aquamatic drive: SX
Ratio: 1.60:1, 1.66:1, 1.79:1, 1.89:1*, 1.97:1*


Dimensions (not for installation)
Engine length:
Inside transom, in. (mm): 36.8 (936)
Engine width, in. (mm): 28.6 (726)
Height above crankshaft, in. (mm): 22.1 (562)
Height below crankshaft, in. (mm): 10 (255)

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