Wanted By Fountain Powerboats: Reggie Fountain Stories

Submit a video with a Reggie story to help note the 40th anniversary of Fountain Powerboats

Fountain Powerboats wants to hear your favorite Reggie Fountain story.Courtesy Iconic Marine Group

Provocative, outspoken, driven, successful and unique, it seems like everyone in the high-performance boat world has a Reggie Fountain, Jr., story to tell. Now to commemorate the upcoming 40th anniversary of Fountain Powerboats, the Washington, N.C., company wants to hear your take on the man or the impact his boats have had on your life, whether you are a Fountain Powerboats boat owner, a fan of Reggie's hall-of-fame racing career, a friend or a boating industry associate.

There are no rules or guidelines. Everything from a few sentences to several pages will work. So do selfie-style videos. Inspiring, funny, heartfelt, trivial or memorable, the choice is yours.

Send your submissions and videos to Webmaster@IconicMarineGroup.com.

The author of the most impactful story will choose either $350 in Fountain Sportswear or an autographed framed sports memorabilia classic showcasing Reggie's 1976 World Championship "Team Mercury" race uniform under glass. Additionally, top submissions will appear weekly on Fountain's social media platforms and website, as well as on speedonthewater.com.

To kick things off, Fred Ross, Iconic Marine Group Managing Director, shares his most memorable "Reggie Story". It’s not what you'd expect—but nothing about Reggie Fountain ever is.