MasterCraft Boats Surf to Save Lives Program Benefits St. Jude Children’s Hospital

Owners of any boat brand can raise $1 for every minute they ride.
Alexa Score wakesurfing
Childhood cancer survivor, former professional wakeboarder, and TV host, Alexa Score, is the official spokesperson. Courtesy MasterCraft

Editor’s Note: We are always proud when members of the greater wake community use their position for the good of others. We are equally happy to bring such news to your attention. we urge you to download the app and log you riding time as described in this article. Doing so ensures $1 for every minute you ride goes to St. Jude Children’s hospital.

MasterCraft Boats Surf to Save Lives is a charitable initiative undertaken by MasterCraft Boats, a leading manufacturer of recreational watercraft, with the goal of promoting water safety and drowning prevention. The program utilizes the popularity and versatility of wake surfing to raise awareness and funds for organizations dedicated to reducing drowning incidents and promoting water safety education.

From now until October 1, 2023, MasterCraft will donate $1 to St. Jude for every minute of on-water activity logged on the MasterCraft app, with a maximum donation of $75,000.  Boaters can raise funds while enjoying their favorite tow sports like wakeboarding, water-skiing or wakesurfing. This fundraising and awareness campaign is not limited to MasterCraft owners. Any boat owner can participate by simply downloading the MasterCraft app and logging their towing time. 

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Wake surfing is a water sport that involves riding the wake behind a specially designed boat, such as those manufactured by MasterCraft Boats. It combines elements of surfing and wakeboarding, providing an exhilarating experience for participants. MasterCraft Boats Surf to Save Lives leverages the widespread interest in wake surfing to drive its charitable efforts.

The initiative collaborates with various nonprofit organizations and water safety advocates to support their activities. These organizations may include swimming and life-saving associations, drowning prevention programs, and educational initiatives focused on water safety. By partnering with such organizations, MasterCraft Boats Surf to Save Lives aims to raise awareness about drowning prevention, educate the public on water safety practices, and provide resources to communities to help prevent tragic accidents on the water.

The program typically involves fundraising events, such as wake surfing competitions, water safety workshops, and community outreach programs. Participants, enthusiasts, and sponsors come together to raise funds that directly support the chosen organizations and their initiatives. Additionally, MasterCraft Boats may contribute a portion of the proceeds from the sales of specific wake surfing models to further support the cause.

MasterCraft Boats Surf to Save Lives seeks to make a positive impact on the community by combining the joy of wake surfing with a commitment to water safety. By focusing on education, prevention, and collaboration, the initiative aims to reduce the number of drowning incidents and create a safer environment for water enthusiasts of all ages.