Montara Boats Partners With Three Watersports Pros

Scott Byerly, Gunner Daft, and Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg sign with Montara.

Montara Boats, the company building the innovative Surf Boss 2.0 series of watersports boats and the Naxos series of pontoons has partnered with three top watersports athletes: Scott Byerly, Gunner Daft and Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg.

What do these pros have to say about the collaboration? Read on!

On Instagram, Scott Byerly, quoted from among numerous posts about Montara and his 25 Surf Boss 2.0, “Happy to be a part of the @montaraboats family.”

Scott Byerly
Scott Byerly Courtesy Scott Byerly

Byerly is credited with the invention of tricks including the classic “Pete Rose”. He developed his own line of progressive products from Wakeboards, Bindings, Wakesurfers, and Wakeskates, which have become universally admired and sought after within the wakeboarding community. Over the years, Scott has amassed a long list of accomplishments from competition, free riding, and several iconic wakeboard movies. Scott is also recognized for his role as a mentor and teacher for younger riders. He continually seeks new ways to push himself and the sport forward, and is praised for his dedication to his craft.

We caught up to Gunner Daft, and he shared his thoughts with us about Montara.

“Super stoked to have signed with Montara boats! The vision this company has is something I truly believe in. Combining the luxuries and comfortability of a high-end pontoon boat with the performance and capabilities of a top-of-the-line wakeboard boat truly is the best of both worlds. Excited to be apart of the Montara Boats family  and looking forward to what the future holds!“

Gunner Daft
Gunner Daft Courtesy Gunner Daft

At a young age, Daft began to enter local and regional competitions and quickly made a name for himself in the wakeboarding world. He has competed in numerous prestigious events such as Wake Games, the Pro Wakeboard Tour, and Wakeboard World Championships, gaining recognition not only for his thrilling maneuvers but also for his poise and sportsmanship.

Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg
Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg Courtesy Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg

Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg is truly enthusiastic of his collaboration with Montara Boats, if his Instagram is any indication. “Checking out the new boat. Pumped to be working with @montaraboats 🙌🏻 can’t wait to get out on the water with the family.”

Stenberg is a legendary freestyle motocross rider who has revolutionized the sport with his incredible talent and intense style. Born and raised in California, Twitch got his start in motocross at a young age and quickly developed a passion for the discipline.

Stenberg is widely recognized as one of freestyle motocross’s most dynamic and innovative riders. With numerous championships and accolades to his name, Twitch has cemented his place as a trailblazer and leader in the sport. He is renowned for his uncanny ability to execute impossible-looking tricks and aerial maneuvers.

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