We Test: Lucas Fishing Reel Oil

Known for marine engine lubricants, Lucas Oil Products, Inc. also bottles a maintenance product for anglers: Lucas Fishing Reel Oil. I tested Lucas Fishing Reel Oil in the course of performing annual maintenance on a number of my fishing reels.

Lucas Reel Lube by Falvey
The author used this product on his own reels Kevin Falvey

I liked the needle applicator tip right away. It’s skinny enough to get into tight seams and allow precision application to places like at the spool shaft ends, yet stiff enough to depress the, “ball,“ lubrication point found on many older reels. It’s also a one-drop-at-a time applicator, which is good, since reels only need very little lubrication. I’d characterize this oil as medium weight—it’s not too runny. It is odorless and clear. It comes in a 1-ounce bottle.

Lucas Oil Products, Inc. Fishing Reel Lube, $5.99 at www.


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Needle tip of Lucas reel lube
Lucas Oil Products, Inc. Fishing Reel Lube comes with a needle applicator for neat, precise, one-drop-at-a-time fishing reel lubrication Kevin Falvey

Reel Lube Tips

  1. A little goes a long way; use sparingly.

  2. Baitcast/ Revolving Spool Reels


DO use oil on Spool Shaft, Spool Shaft ends, Handle Knobs (both sides), Spool Release Mechanism, Level Wind Stabilizer Bar and Ball Bearings.

DON’T use oil on: Main Gear, Pinion Gear, Pinion Yoke, Worm Shaft (light grease), Worm Gear, Release Slider, Worm Shaft Guard, Anti-Reverse™ Ratchet (when applicable), Continuous Anti-Reverse Clutch Sleeve (when applicable) and Bushings.

  1. Spinning Reels

DO use on: Handle Knobs (both ends), Pick-up Pin, Arm Lever (pivot), Kick Lever Mechanism, Ball Bearings, Clutch Screw and Spool Release Mechanism.


DON’T use on: rank Gear, Crank Shaft, Pinion Gear, Center Shaft Assembly, Pick-up Arm, Roller Wheel, Anti-Reverse™ Pawl/Ratchet, Spool Washers and Bushings.