We Test: Toon Sauce

Toon Sauce easily removes stains from aluminum and provides a protective coating.

Easily clean and protect aluminum on your boat.Kevin Falvey

Aluminum's property of spontaneously forming a protective layer of oxide makes it durable and ideal for marine use. Heck, lower maintenance and durability are a couple of the reasons why many U.S. Coast Guard boats are built from unpainted aluminum. But many recreational boaters expect a higher level of aesthetics than "dull gray and durable." Even anodized and painted aluminum require cleaning and weather protection.

I applied Toon Sauce to the anodized aluminum pipe work supporting my boat’s T-top in order to test it.

First of all, it did remove stains on the tubing when applied as directed. It also did not appear to harm the anodized finish. (I also applied some to a piece of painted aluminum siding and nothing untoward occurred.) I cannot say how long the protective coating it leaves behind will last because I tested it just prior to deadline. Be sure to shake it well. And do apply from the bottom up as the directions state. (When I applied it from the top, the stuff that ran created streak "shadows.") It supposedly works better on wet aluminum, a feature pontooners will find convenient. It retails for $19.99 at boatbling.net.