Westerbeke Corporation Introduces 11.0 EDT "D-NET™"

New electronic diesel generator set offers many standard features.

Westerbeke Corporation introduces the 11.0 EDT "D-NET™" electronic diesel generator set. Rated 1l.OkW at 60Hz (8.8kW at 50Hz) the 11.0 EDT is powered by a compact, 1.32 liter, three-cylinder engine operating at a low 1800-rpm to increase longevity. The 11.0 EDT offers fresh water cooling, a 50 amp battery charging alternator, electronic governing that virtually eliminates "droop" when load is applied or removed, and a tuned air intake silencer to aid the quiet, slow-speed operation. The 11.0 EDT meets all current EPA emission requirements and is easily field convertible to 8.8kW, 50Hz.

The 11.0 EDT features digital controls offering simplified and easy to understand information on operational status and, if necessary, system diagnostics. The standard liquid crystal display provides "at a glance" illuminated lights indicating proper operation that can be viewed from a distance. Other standard features include overspeed, underspeed, low oil pressure, high exhaust and high coolant temperature safety shutdowns as well as a standard AC circuit breaker. This generator also offers easy access servicing and optional Sound Guard SST with stainless steel base and frame providing Westerbeke's famed full access to all sides and top of the unit.

The 11.0 EDT is also available with optional NMEA 2000 compliant databus communication. NMEA 2000 is a network for shipboard communications developed under National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) standards. NMEA 2000 generators, combined with other certified components, allow boat builders and their customers to significantly reduce the cost, weight and space normally required to run cables throughout the vessel. All NMEA 2000 components freely communicate and are linked to just one NMEA 2000 cable simplifying networking.

For more information, visit westerbeke.com.