What Boaters Say Winner May 2013

Learning man overboard skills from man's best friend.

What Boaters Say Winners – May 2013

May 2013’s What Boaters Say question was: “What kind of lifejacket do you use most?” The winner was: Life Saving
Zeus rescued Jonathan from Cape Henelopen State Park.
-Robin Wolfe

When we asked you to submit photos of your favorite lifesaving device and to tell us why, we received a variety of answers. The one with the most votes—not to mention the most heartwarming—came from this month’s winner, Robin Wolfe.

Wolfe posted a picture of a young boy named Jonathan, hugging a Newfoundland dog, named Zeus. Zeus rescued the young boy from drowning of Cape Henlopen, Delaware. The picture garnered 106 votes and won Wolfe a Clarion M502 marine digital audio receiver with Bluetooth.

What can we learn from this month’s winner?


A sharp lookout and knowing how to act to save a life, will save lives. These traits have been bred into Newfies. For we two-legged mariners, these skills must be learned and practiced.

Rehearse man overboard drills with your crew and if someone falls overboard, immediately assign a crewmember to keep their eyes on the victim until he or she is safely back aboard.

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