Winterize Your Reel

Prep your spinning reel for winter stowage.

The engine, your boat, maybe even the beer cooler all get put away for the long winter’s rest. But don’t neglect the most important tackle in your arsenal, the reels. Here’s a quick primer on how to prep a spinning reel for winter stowage.

Step 1
Strip all old line off the spool; wait to respool with new line before the start of the season.

Step 2
Remove the spool from the reel and clean the shaft of all salt deposits and gunk. Add a few drops of reel oil around the shaft.


Step 3
Clean and oil the roller and bail arm assembly.

Step 4
Remove the handle and oil the shaft and around the gear bearing.

Step 5
Replace the spool and back completely off the drag. Store in a dry place.