406 Day 2019

406 MHZ Rescue Beacons Save Lives

Number of People Rescued in Calendar Year 2018 in the United States: 340

*Rescues at sea: 219 people rescued in 73 incidents*
Aviation rescues: 32 people rescued in 15 incidents
Terrestrial PLB rescues: 89 people rescued in 60 incidents

Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons and Personal Locator Beacons operating on the 406MHZ frequency have helped saved hundreds of lives. As some rescuers themselves say, ” Beacons take the search out of search and rescue.” Learn more about emergency beacons by clicking the links below:

ACR kit
Manufacturer’s of emergency beacons, such as ACR, offer beacons suitable for both inshore and offshore boaters ACR Artex

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EPIRB versus PLB

How To Mount an EPIRB