AIRMAR Technology: Wide Beam CHIRP-ready Transducers

AIRMAR Wide Beam Chirp-ready Transducers
Wide Beam CHIRP-ready Transducers from AIRMAR Technology AIRMAR Technology

AIRMAR’s new wide beam CHIRP-ready transducers deliver the best of both worlds; deep water performance on low frequency and wide beam performance on the high frequency. Get more coverage under the boat with AIRMAR’s new family of wide beam Chirp-ready transducers with a 25° constant beamwidth. The new Low High Wide (LHW) Chirp-ready transducers provide the best of both worlds; a high frequency wide beam for detecting fishing higher in the water column and a low frequency beam for deep water detection, perfect for seeking tuna, marlin and more. In addition to improving the performance of Chirp-ready echosounders, anglers using the new wide beam transducers will achieve twice the coverage under the boat compared to our current high frequency Chirp-ready transducers.


Available in Several Installation Methods

  • Transom mount (TM275LHW)
  • Tank mount (CM275LHW)
  • Pocket/keel mount (PM111LHW, PM275LHW)
  • Tank-mount/pocket/keel mount (CM599LHW)
  • Thru-hull (B275LHW, R109LHW, R509LHW)
  • Available in 1kW, 2kW and 3kW models
  • Exclusive Xducer ID® technology

More Information

Website: AIRMAR


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