BBlades “Clopper” Prop

New propeller available for outboard-powered performance boats.

BBlades Blaster

With outboard-powered performance boats making something of a comeback, BBlades introduced an expansion to its line of Blaster four-blade propellers. The over-hub exhaust, high-performance stainless wheel is now available in 1-inch pitch increments from 23" to 33."

BBlades calls the Blaster a “clopper-style” propeller, designating it as half-cleaver, half-chopper. Like a cleaver, the Blaster features small blades with a straight trailing edge. The over-hub exhaust reduces drag and performs best when piercing the surface of the water. Like a chopper, the blades are streamlined, rounded with a big cup on the trailing edge. The full, parabolic rake angle increases as the blade moves away from the hub, creating overall lift from the transom to the bow.

What this means is that the Blaster is designed to deliver optimum lift, fast trim reaction and minimal stress to the blade area. It's available in right-hand and left-hand rotation and 14½- and 14¾-inch diameters. BBlades can customize the prop to any application and setup. Check out